Thursday, May 27, 2010

World War II Memorial

Upstate New York World War II Memorial

This World War II memorial is dedicated to the people and the countries that fought in World War II.  With gorgeous stone and rushing water, trees, and the countries’ flags, this memorial is eye catching and stunning.  It is located directly next to the New York State Museum and Library.  It has the American symbol of the Eagle, making you feel that our country is unstoppable. Our country is of course not unstoppable, although a monument like this one is supposed to be “nation-building”. It is trying to make citizens feel good about their country.  It could also bring back memories of harsher aspects of U.S. actions of WWII such as the Japanese internment camps, etc. But monuments are selective in what they choose to represent.  The rushing water creates a feeling of excitement and joy and freedom.  The trees surrounding it on a warm spring day just makes the memorial all the more gorgeous.  I think from being an advocate of traveling and Public History, it is important to understand why memorials are placed where they are.  Here, we are in the capital of New York. The largest memorial that I have ever seen is in Washington D.C. and has the same effect that this one does it is just smaller.  Some aren't able to get to Washington D.C, so coming to this memorial is easier.  Also, there may be many retired veterans that live in Upstate NY so it is nice to recognize something so monumental in the capital of NY as well as big cities.

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