Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mabee Farm

House Facade
Did you know that the Mabee Farm Historic Site is the oldest standing home in the Mohawk Valley?
Well if you didn't then now you do! It is 300 plus years old and lies on the bank of the Mohawk River in Rotterdam Junction, NY.

The last family to own the farm was a man by the name of George E. Franchere, who in 1993 gave the farm to the Schenectady County Historical Society to display as a museum.
The Farm hosts community and educational workshops so that people will remember or learn the historical significance of the farm. The farm house was originally a fur trading post for Native Americans before they reached the city of Schenectady. While on their way to Schenectady to sell, they were stop at the farm to trade with the owner of the Mabee House.

Presently, the farm, which consists of  the farm house, the Inn, Slave Quarters, barns, and gardens,offers workshops, canalfests, arts and crafts festivals, and much more...

When I visit the site, I will take tons of photographs in order to understand the importance of the artifacts and the site itself.

For now, here is the site to get an understanding of the historic site which was last updated in February of 2009.

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