Thursday, April 29, 2010

Shaker Heritage Society

" The landscape of the Historic District includes distinctive natural and cultural resources. Historically, the Shakers divided the area into four economically and geographically distinct “family” groupings. Of these, two are privately owned and one is no longer extant. The Society’s primary interest is in the fourth grouping known as the “Church Family,” which is publicly accessible and includes nine historic structures, an important Shaker cemetery (where Shaker founder, Ann Lee is buried), and the ruins of a gristmill. Despite heavy commercial development within the Historic District, the landscape retains much of its original rural character including an apple orchard, herb garden and open pastureland. The property also encompasses portions of Shaker Creek and the Ann Lee Pond Nature Preserve. "

The Society is a place to depict and show the history of the first Shaker's in America...

Visit the site for a little information before the visit...

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